Pure meat - Bison Special Edition (400 g) 6 x 400 g

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Bison meat is particularly valuable

It contains less cholesterol than other meats and is high in thiamine, iron, zinc and selenium. The easily split, high-quality proteins are usually also tolerated by dogs that react negatively to beef or other "" red meats "". This also makes bison meat a valuable alternative for allergy sufferers.

The bison meat comes from the eco-certified Sonnenhof company in the Westerwald and is carefully processed in our own butcher's shop.
Crude protein 26%, fat content 4.3%, crude ash 2.3%, moisture 67.4%.
Ca 0,01 %, P 0,08 %, Na 0,09 %.
Guar gum, precipitated silica / E551
Muscle meat 58.5%, broth, offal (lungs, heart, liver, spleen, kidney) 12.7%, fat, sunflower lecithin (GMO-free).
Feeding Recommendation
Feed around 2-3% of your body weight daily depending on your activity, age and living conditionsOf your dog and supplement with vegetables, fat, minerals and oil.

Approx.? 5 kg body mass = 100 - 150 grams.
Approx. 15 kg body mass = 300 - 450 grams.
Approx. 30 kg = 600 - 900 grams.