Pure Meat Can Chicken

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Together with Katlement and Katzengarten you feed a cat-friendly meal.

Pure meat in jelly, without grain and attractants. Compiled on the model of a prey animal.
Crude protein 14%, fat content 8.3%, crude ash 2.8%, moisture 74%.
Ca 0.28%, P 0.22%, Na 0.1%.
0.68 g taurine
AgarAgar, Guar Gum.
Muscle meat and carcasses 67.9%, broth, offal (heart, liver, kidney, spleen) 13.2%.
Feeding Recommendation
Approximately 3-4% of body weight per day, depending on age, activity level and lifestyle. Growing cats can eat as much as they want.
A cat weighing 4 kg needs around 120 - 160 g per day.