Pure meat - pig complete 1 x 400 g

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Fresh meat is the preferred food for dogs. If circumstances do not allow it, canned food is an alternative. A good source of energy for growing young dogs and for dogs that are supposed to perform. Particularly rich in animal fats and also suitable for allergy sufferers.
However, PerNaturam does not think it makes sense to produce canned food as a complete feed, because important vital substances are destroyed by the heating.
Komplement®, farm garden vegetable mix, 30 herb garden and oils should be added in the same way as with fresh meat feeding.

The different types of PerNaturam pure meat cans therefore only contain animals, no vegetables or grains. And of course no preservatives.

Please pay attention to the storage temperature - it should not exceed 20 ° C!
With the complete mixes we try the prey animal in its entirety, i.e. meat, internal organs, bones,To simulate tendons and blood, or we offer a broad cross-section through diversity and variety, which ensuresthat there are no deficiencies in the basic diet.
Crude protein 17,3 %, fat content 9,6 %, crude fiber 1 %, crude ash 0,6 %, moisture 71,3%.
Ca 0,05 %, P 0,10 %, Na 0,14 %
guar gum.
Muscle meat 50 %, offal (liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen, heart) 28 %, broth, cartilage 6 %, pork blood.
Feeding Recommendation
The daily ration of PerNaturam pure meat should be 1.5 to 2 % of your animal's body weight.
Complete the ration with PerNaturam Farmer's Garden, Complement, Meat Bone Meal or Lithothamnium Algae Lime and 30 Herb Garden, as well as hemp or salmon oil. For more energy, add PerNaturam beef fat from grazing cattle up to a maximum total fat content of up to a maximum total fat content of 15 to 20 %. The exact daily amount of food depends on the breed, age and activity level of your dog. age and activity level of your dog.

Storage recommendation
Optimum storage temperature up to 20° C.
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