Pure meat - sheep complete

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Fresh meat is the preferred food for dogs. When circumstances don't allow, canned foods are an alternative.However, PerNaturam does not think it makes sense to produce canned food as a complete feed because it is important vital substancesbe destroyed by heating.
Komplement®, cottage garden vegetable mix, 30 herb garden and oils should be supplemented in the same way as with the fresh meatFeeding.

The different types of PerNaturam pure meat cans therefore only contain animals, no vegetables or grains,also no added liquids. And of course no preservatives or the like.

Please therefore pay attention to the storage temperature - it should not exceed 20 ° C!
With the complete mixes we try the prey animal in its entirety, i.e. meat, internal organs, bones,To simulate tendons and blood, or we offer a broad cross-section through diversity and variety, which ensuresthat there are no deficiencies in the basic diet.
Crude protein 11,95 %, fat content 15,0 %, crude ash 1,57 %, crude fibre 1,2%, moisture 70,0 %
Ca 0,19 %, P 0,15 %, Na 0,2 %
1% guar gum
muscle meat, heart, offal, broth,Sheep fat and tripe.

Pure sheep, without preservatives.
Feeding Recommendation
The daily ration of PerNaturam pure meat canned food should be 2 - 3% of theBody weight, ideally spread over several feedings. To be added for a complete and optimal mealYou Komplement®, 30-herb garden, meat bone meal, or lithothamnium algae lime and cottage garden as well as hemp and salmon oil.

Body weight:
Approx. 5 - 10 kg = 0.5 - 1 can daily,
Approx. 20 kg = up to 1.5 doses of 400 g daily
Approx. 30 kg = up to 2 doses of 400 g daily

The exact daily amount of food depends on the age and activity level of your dog.