Pure Tripe (400 g)

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As the basis of a main meal, pure meat
from species-appropriate animal husbandry in the Hunsrück, antibiotic & glyphosate free. Cooked gently, with valuable vitamins & trace elements.
The special long-life dog meal from our butcher shop.
Crude protein 10.8%, fat content 15.0%, moisture 70.9%.
Ca 0.147%, P 0.11%, Na 0.013%.
guar gum.
Beef tripe.

Pure beef without preservatives.
Feeding Recommendation
Feed about 2-3% once or twice a week of body weight depending on activity, age and living conditions your dog. For a complete and optimal meal supplement complement ®, 30 herb garden, Meat Bone Meal or Lithothamnium Algae Lime and cottage garden as well as hemp and salmon oil.

? 5 kg body mass = 100 to 150 g
= 15 kg body mass = 300 to 450 g
? 30 kg body mass = 600 to 900 g