Rhenalind® 3 kg

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Herbal mixture for gentle detoxification
For horses with weak or already damaged kidneys, Rhenalind kidney herbs are a particularly gentle but stimulating mixture for better elimination via the kidneys. The kidneys especially need to be supported in winter, as the horses sweat less.
We have deliberately not incorporated more stimulating herbs such as nettle, juniper or goldenrod. In many cases, the liver also needs to be supported with Heparlind liver herbs.
Crude protein 11.9%, crude fats 4%, crude fibre 23.6%, crude ash 7.1%.
Calcium 0.86%, phosphorous 0.25%, sodium 0.09%.
Application Notes
Feed 50 to 70 g of Rhenalind® herbs daily for a maximum of 4 weekslong or alternating weekly with other mixtures,ideally moistened over the food. In healthy onesand powerful kidneys the Lüneburg mixture ofFeed PerNaturam.
Birch leaves, couch grass root, orthosiphon, veronica, parsley stems, restharrow root.