Rocky Mountains Mix (1 kg)

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The Rocky Mountains mixture regulates the acid-base balance, improves the metabolic functions, strengthens the immune system and the kidney function. Especially the original horse breeds depend on the addition of herbs in order to stay healthy and vital.

Wild horses follow their instincts when searching for food. This mixture helps with feed changes and prevents nutritional deficits.
Crude protein 10.3%, crude fat 4.6%, crude fiber 20.4%, crude ash 5.3%.
Ca 0,71 %, P 0,194 %, Na 1,47 %.
White birch (leaves and bark), elderberries, common heather, Canadian goldenrod, wood-herb, white dorantum, red coneflower, rowan berries, club moss, rose asparagus flowers, goose weed.
Feeding Recommendation
Herbs should always enrich the feed. Depending on the size of the horse, * mix 30 to 70 g of the Rocky Mountains mixture into the feed every day. It is even better if you feed the different mixtures from PerNaturam alternately - preferably moistened. < br>
Approx. 400 kg body mass = 30 grams.
Approx. 500 - 600 kg body mass = 50 grams.
Approx. 700 kg = 70 grams.