Sainfoin 10 Kg

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The numerous advantages of this plant are reflected in the French name sainfoin, since "sain foin" literally means "healthy hay". There is no fodder plant comparable to the sainfoin that has such a fodder value with these desirable properties:

- is rich in essential amino acids to enhance the feed ration,

- high content of dietary crude fiber,

- is a rich source of organically bound calcium, vitamins, ß-carotene and trace elements,

- the ideal protein and calcium supplement - is rich in condensed tannins (for healthy digestion and a natural anti-worm environment in the gastrointestinal tract),

- counteracts flatulence
Crude protein 1,7 %, crude fats 4,1 %, crude fiber 22,6 %, crude ash 6,2 %
Ca 0,98 %, P 0,23 %, Na 0,02 %
100% sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia), pelleted
Feeding Recommendation
When used as a carrier feed, we recommend 100 to 300g per meal, depending on the size of the horse. When feeding as complete feed (concentrated feed), give between 300 g and 3 kg per day, depending on the situation and size of the horse or pony.

Please only feed the Esparsette-Cobs soaked!