Silky Tabs (100 pcs.)

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... for grooming from the inside
PerNaturam's Silky Tabs provide the skin with the necessary building blocks, especially natural zinc and biotin (vitamin H). With a high proportion of natural beta-carotene, chlorophyll, silica and B vitamins.
Crude protein 37.6%, fat content 2.9%, crude fiber 6.2%, crude ash 13.1%
Ca 0,85 %, P 0,58 %, Na 0,4 %
1 tablet = 500 mg

5 g biotin (D (+) - biotin), 18 g vitamin C (ascorbic acid), 15 g zinc as glycine-zinc chelate, hydrate.
20 g silica, precipitated / E551
Application Notes
Dogs weighing up to 10 kg are given one tablet.Heavier dogs get one more tab for every 10 kg
Caldera spirulina, horsetail, nettle, brewer's yeast.