Solstice - immune herbs 500 g

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Strengthens the immune system
The immune system is the most important organ and, considering the number of cells, also the largest. Sonnenwend-Immunkräuter are made up by plants and herbs traditionally used to strengthen and activate the immune system. They are important in all exceptional phases of stress, but especially in severe weather changes, especially cold to hot, during the transition from autumn to winter and then back to spring, in times of great stress, after vaccinations and in the case of general susceptibility to disease.
Crude protein 10.1%, crude fats 3.7%, crude fibre 22.9%, crude ash 7.5%.
Calcium 1.31%, phosphorous 0.2%, sodium 0.13%.
Application Notes
Midsummer immune herbs are limited to eitherPeriod fed, for about 4 weeks, or onefeeds them alternately with other herbal mixtures. Well provenIf you have a recognizable immune deficiency, you have a handfulAdd moistened herbs to the feed every day.
Purple coneflower, thyme, mistletoe, hawthorn, rosemary, verbena, camomile, Siberian ginseng.