Thyme (1 kg)

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Clear respiratory system
Thyme is a tried and tested remedy for free airways and has always been in use. A lesser known fact is its strong germicidal effect. It is increasingly used as an alternative to antibiotics. Due to the high proportion of essential oils, thyme acts in both the bronchial and digestive areas. It is highly recommended for colic. Thyme also expels parasites from the intestine. In the case of respiratory problems, especially deep-seated mucous, use EquiLichmet, Aerob oil and Aerob spray.
Crude fibre 15.9%.
Calcium 1.24%, phosphorous 0.22%, sodium 0.02%.
Application Notes
Mix 1 to 3 heaping tablespoons of PerNaturam thyme into the hay or mash, depending on the size of the horse. You can also give it as a tea.
100% thyme, destemmed.