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Auxiliary plant products

The reinvention of nettle broth

The Hortulust UrFerment products are liquid concentrates which, depending on the application, are diluted with water and applied to the soil or the plant. They increase the resistance of plants to pests and diseases.

The basis of the product range is a nettle ferment, a new development especially for our Hortulust UrFerment product range. Depending on the application, the UrFerment is enriched with various plant juices. When applied directly to the plant, essential oils often act as repellents, i.e. their scent repels harmful insects - for us humans, on the other hand, they are often very pleasant scents!

Base mixture
Refined broth
Base mixture - PerNaturam Shop
Roses Vitality
Strong natural power for weak roses
Roses Vitality - PerNaturam Shop
Vital Fruits
Vital fruits
Vital Fruits - PerNaturam Shop