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To strengthen the kidneys and bladder
Cranberry, closing grass roots and bearberry leaves to strengthen the kidneys and bladder, especially for irritation and incontinence.
Dogs are increasingly suffering from problems of the genitourinary system, such as kidney and bladder infections, stones and incontinence. All three components are traditionally used for these problems, especially to strengthen the mucous membranes and the body's own defenses.
Cranberry, cranberry (Vaccinium spec.), Contains anti-adhesive mucilage that prevents bacteria from attaching to the surfaces of the urinary tract. The pathogens are then flushed out with the urine.
Closer grass root (Agropyron repens), has a diuretic and blood purifying effect. It is traditionally used for gout, rheumatic diseases, chronic cystitis and chronic skin rashes.
The leaves of the bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva ursi) contain, among other things, arbutin and methylarbutin, which have an antibacterial effect on the kidneys.
Crude protein 15%, fat content 3.8%, crude fiber 22.3%, crude ash 4.8%.
Ca 0,56 %, P 0,36 %, Na 0,01 %
Application Notes
Give per day: dogs up to 5 kg 1 measuring spoon, up to 10 kg 2 ml, larger dogs up to max. 3 ml. The measuring spoon holds 2 g.
Do not give for more than three weeks in a row.
Do not feed during pregnancy and lactation!
Cranberry fruit powder (without added sugar), grass and bearberry leaves.