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With our new garden products, we are consistently continuing on the path that we are pursuing with our products for dogs, cats and horses.
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The externally recognizable health or illness is always a mirror of the inner condition and the result of the previous care. So an illness is not a sudden accident, it always has its history. The best prevention is optimal feeding - with nutrients and vital substances from nature. Plant active ingredients, around 100,000 are known, help the organism to maintain its inner balance. Plants and their abilities for the benefit of animals are our passion and competence - and the basis of our products.

Secondary plant active substances help us e.g. B.

  • to strengthen the desired intestinal flora
  • eliminate unwanted substances
  • to promote the work of internal organs
  • to support the respiratory system

In this way you can help your animals to regain their inner balance or to maintain it.

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Hier wird die Betriebsstätte der PerNaturam GmbH in Gödenroth zur Schaffung neuer Arbeitsplätze erweitert. Dies wurde von der Europäischen Union aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung und dem Land Rheinland-Pfalz gefördert.