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PerNaturam is an owner-operated feedstuffs manufacturer with a team of staff whole-heartedly dedicated to the  welfare and nutrition of dogs, cats and horses.

For over 30 years, our focus has been on developing species-appropriate nutrition for animals, while constantly expanding our knowledge of the effects of nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals.

In our consultations and product and recipe developments, we are guided by nature and the seasonal food available to horses. Decades of interacting with animals and focussing on their needs have led us to the assertions we make in our recommendations and consultations that can be quite contrary to textbook opinion. Our constant goal is to help horses find their inner balance. With this in mind, we draw on the knowledge, experience and insights we have gained from our study of biology, ecology and phytotherapy.

To continue deepening our knowledge and to incorporate the latest findings in nutritional science and herbal medicine into our products, we collaborate with several universities and employ experts from various medical and biological disciplines.

Traditional wisdom is just as important to us as the latest research. Never losing sight of time-honoured practices, every day, we build on our knowledge, which we gladly share with our customers.

We and our consulting team are happy to answer any queries you may have about your animal.

Only the best for dogs, cats and horses goes into our bags and cans
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For our products we use meat from the region and work together with selected partners
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