Canned Meat

Species-appropriate nutrition for our velvet paws: Meat cans for cats from PerNaturam

Our new meat cans are

  • Manufactured in Hunsrück
  • Without synthetic additives
  • Without attractants, acceptance enhancers, binding agents, gelling agents
  • No grains, gluten, starch
  • No animal testing
  • Clearly declared

Compiled according to the model of a prey animal: with a lot of muscle meat, valuable innards, bones, blood, a natural fat content and a maximum of 10% vegetables.

Velvety soft fur and a gentle look

... simply irresistible, our cuddly individualists. And yet, even in the cuddliest of cats, there still slumbers a predator; endowed with an excellent hunting instinct and teeth capable of chasing down prey, dissecting it and destroying it along with its feathers, hair and bones. Cats are pure carnivores, i.e. meat eaters, with an unusually high need for highly digestible animal protein. And if they don't have the opportunity to hunt their own prey, we should at least feed them according to their nature.

We have developed new recipes in our butcher's shop and tried them out, tried them and let them try them. With our new development of the cans, we are getting even closer to the composition of a prey animal. An optimal supply of all vital nutrients can only be guaranteed over the long term if the feed largely corresponds to the natural food.

The high proportion of valuable muscle meat that is so essential for cats is between 75 and 85% in our doses. In addition, there are high-quality offal such as liver, heart and stomach, as well as a natural proportion of bones, which cover the calcium requirement. The fat content of 10 to 15% is also based on a prey animal and the vegetables (< 10%) that it contains provide the necessary dietary fiber for good intestinal peristalsis.

All the necessary nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. can be found naturally in the animal components. Even the amino acid taurine, which is essential for cats, survives our gentle production process and is therefore sufficiently contained in a purely natural form. The high level of natural taurine is something we are particularly pleased about. This allows us to do without the usual addition of synthetic taurine.

The new meat cans are therefore of even higher quality and more comparable to home-cooked food than to other cat cans.

Your cat will love the meat juice

Our meat cans have a firm consistency due to the large amount of muscle meat. We deliberately do without the addition of binding agents or homogenizers, which would only serve the purpose of making the contents of the can more even and softer.

On the other hand, we don't want to do without the valuable meat juices that are produced during cooking. That's why we don't add any gelling or binding agents to avoid binding or hiding the juice in the meat mass. Because this meat juice in particular is often in great demand, even with gourmet cats. At the same time, you can use it to change the firmness of the meal. Cats have their own preferences when it comes to the consistency of the food, which is often even more important to them than the taste. So use the juice to knead it into the meat and adjust the food to your cat's preferences.

A full meal

Together with PerNaturam Katlement, the result is a complete, natural and natural cat meal. So your cat gets all the nutrients it needs for an exciting and long life.

Please do not give the food directly from the fridge as this can put a strain on the digestive system; In addition, the natural aromas unfold best at room temperature.

We do not use any synthetic additives, our PerNaturam meat cans are a purely natural product. As such, they can be subject to natural fluctuations - just like prey.

Since the well-being of the meat-producing animals is also important to us, we do not use meat from factory farming. The processed meat comes from regional and species-appropriate husbandry; the fish comes from controlled and certified wild catch.

This is how cats change their food: Link to the blog article German-only

Quick Tips

- YOU decide what food to eat

- Mix a very small amount of the new food into a usual portion

- Fixed feeding times, no treats in between

- Flavor with brewer's yeast, KatVitin, grated Parmesan cheese, salmon oil or tuna juice

- Patience, patience, patience