Frankisch Krüll Peppermint

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The original, unique peppermint quality from the Franconian Apothecary Garden, with a cooling & refreshingly spicy taste.

The peppermint Franconian Krüll is offered in whole leaves. This quality is too bad for cutting, as crushing would also reduce the taste experience. If you haven't had this tea yet, you don't know what peppermint can be. While growing mint, the Schwebheim farmers discovered a variety with a high menthol content and a very special aroma. The tea leaves curl as they dry, they crumble.?Full in aroma, refreshingly cooling, soft and smooth in the finish, this is how Franconian Krüll conveys an extraordinary tea pleasure.
A tea to breathe in, in every respect.
Enjoyment for every day, tastes hot or chilled.
100 % Franconian peppermint leaves