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Most horses today are kept on relatively small areas. This forces the farmers to intensively cultivate the hay meadows, because this is the only way they can provide the required amount of hay at a reasonable price. However, this is to the disadvantage of the horses, because the low plant diversity of the meadows (mostly former cow pastures with grasses that promote milk production) adds to the difficulty. Especially as the horse's digestive tract is not designed for easily digestible, protein-rich feed. From a biological point of view, the horse is a fibre eater, not a grain eater.

So most horses today are poorly nourished. They have an increased need for minerals and lack secondary plant substances, which can only enter the body through the variety of herbs. Secondary plant substances are the substances that stabilise the immune system, protect the body from free radicals, promote digestion, activate the metabolism, improve detoxification and support the epithelia of the respiratory tract. Secondary plant substances ensure inner balance. Only optimally nourished horses can remain healthy and fertile in the long run, show a balanced nature and perform well.

Our herbal mixtures are based on the natural annual rhythms within the biocoenosis of animals and plants. The special interplay of plant communities, also at the specific seasons, is at the centre of our nutritional advice.

On the basis of old literature, plant sociological studies and from the stories of old farmers and breeders, we have put together various herbal mixtures for horses to compensate for existing deficiencies and to improve the vitality, the inner balance and thus the quality of life of the horses.

Basis for nutrition
Create a healthy foundation with quality products
Basis for nutrition - PerNaturam Shop
Viscerals - Internal Organs
Protect and strengthen your horse from the inside
Viscerals - Internal Organs - PerNaturam Shop
Defense, Energy & Nerves
More energy & health for your horse
Defense, Energy & Nerves - PerNaturam Shop
Fur, Hooves & Movement
Care and prevention for your horse
Fur, Hooves & Movement - PerNaturam Shop
Pure Herbs
High-quality herbs for your horse
Pure Herbs - PerNaturam Shop
Organic Products
Natural products in organic quality
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Youth & Old Age
Natural products for your horse of all ages
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