Meat Can Chicken & Saithe 12 x 200 g

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Compiled according to the model of a prey animal: with a lot of muscle meat, valuable innards, bones, blood, a natural fat content and a maximum of 10% vegetables.
Crude protein 16.5%, fat content 13.3%, crude fiber 0.3%, crude ash 1.7%, moisture 68.2%, taurine 0.11%.
Ca 0.31%, P 0.23%.
Chicken (muscle meat, carcasses) 32%, pollack trimmings 27%, turkey fat, chicken offal (heart, stomach, liver) 13.5%, carrots, blood, gelatine (beef). Due to the gentle production, sufficient natural taurine is contained.
Feeding Recommendation
Together with Katlement you feed a cat-friendly meal.

Adult cats:
We recommend around 3 to 4% of body weight as a daily ration, depending on age, activity level and lifestyle. A cat weighing 4 kg needs about 120 to 160 g a day.

Growing cats:
Young growing cats are allowed to eat, that much they want.

This is how cats change their food:
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