Our cats are very complex, filigree creatures. They grant us only rare, precious glimpses into their souls. But their bodies are made of organic compounds. Minerals and trace elements are vital building blocks. They must be supplied to the organism through food.

Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and silicon are important for bone formation, they are also involved in many metabolic processes in the body. Minerals and trace elements should come from natural sources, i.e. not be synthetic and inorganic. Because only organically bound minerals can be utilized by the intestinal flora.

Algae lime from the Lithothamnium algae is an excellent supplier of calcium, magnesium and many trace elements, which the algae absorb from seawater. Growers know the importance of calcium supply. It is essential for the mother cat, the development of the fetus and the young kitten. What many people don't know: like all mammals, the mother cat has to build up a calcium reserve for pregnancy and lactation. If this reservoir is insufficient for fetal development, litters will be small, the mother will be overwhelmed and the kittens will lag behind in their development.