Nervous System and Stress

Stress is the term used to describe the psychological and physical reactions in living beings caused by specific stimuli that enable them to cope with special requirements. These always mean a physical and mental strain.

The subject of stress is multifaceted. Stress reactions go through different phases, there is short-term and permanent stress, active stress and passive stress, different reactions to stress and so on. Stress does not have to be negative, it can improve the willingness to react and performance as “eustress”. Negative stress caused by constant overstraining, but also understraining and weaknesses can lead to aggression and illness.

It is therefore important to first identify the causes of stress and eliminate them as far as possible. If the causes are recognized and avoided or if you practice dealing with the stressors, you can also have a calming and balancing effect from the nutritional side. Antioxidants bind free radicals, protect the mitochondria and reduce cell stress. Read more about this in the chapter Performance and Sport, both topics are closely linked. The resilience of a dog - its activity and usability as a working and sporting dog as well as its reliability as a family dog - depends on its resistance to stress.