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PerNaturam – at home in nature

That's why we chose the Hunsrück in Rhineland-Palatinate for our new company headquarters in 2014.

Hunsrück - framed by the Middle Rhine, the Moselle and the Nahe. There are numerous natural forests and meadows rich in species. Daffodils, orchids and arnica still grow here. The lynx and the shy wild cat are also found here. Being close to nature is particularly important to us, because nature is our role model, it inspires us, and it knows the way. So we haven't moved to the sidelines, quite the opposite: PerNaturam lives in the middle of life, in the middle of nature.

It is our concern to show you how you can respond to the special requirements or stresses of your animal and how you can feed it biologically, i.e. optimally. We develop sophisticated recipes and procure first-class raw materials for this purpose, so that you can maintain or increase the vitality and quality of life of your animal and enable it to grow old in the best condition. We would like to provide you with much more information, as you know it from our guides, from our consultations and seminars.

Nature was our most important adviser in the development of our numerous recipes. To do this, we also used the wealth of experience of our ancestors and the many new scientific findings that reach us every day. The insights of our customers are particularly important to us, especially the many animal therapists with whom we constantly exchange ideas.

Our own dogs and the animals of our employees also contribute a lot to this.

Discover the world of PerNaturam - discover nature and its unprecedented possibilities.

We hope you enjoy it!