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Garden vegetables & herb variety for every day.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of eating eggs from chickens kept in a natural garden will immediately remember the incredible yellow yolk and delicate taste. These chickens follow their nature and can constantly peck: grass tips, leaves, buds, seeds, insects, snails, worms and small stones, which they need to break down the food in their stomachs.

In this diverse range they find all the nutrients they need for maintenance and health. We see it as our task to replicate this natural diversity in the feed and to accompany the times of special stress such as moulting, autumn-winter period or rearing with special supplements. Herbs and vegetables in great variety are part of the basic supply; we have compiled these in the yard garden. Thus, the need for these feed components is completely covered.

Primary Care
Keeping poultry in a species-appropriate manner means recreating their natural habitat on a small scale and also taking the composition of their feed from nature.
Primary Care - PerNaturam Shop
During the moulting period, good company with an optimal supply of nutrients is required. Only then will the feathers develop their full potential and the moult will be quick and stress-free.
Feathers - PerNaturam Shop
Pigeon Breeding
With herbal supplements, the vitality of the reproductive organs can be increased within a very short time, thus optimising the fertilisation rate and egg laying.
Pigeon Breeding - PerNaturam Shop
Natural care products create a climate unfavourable to pests and increase well-being.
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Immune system & stress
A healthy, colourful and varied diet and special herbs ensure a stable and effective immune system.
Immune system & stress - PerNaturam Shop