Profertil 250 g

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Promotes fertility ,
Profertil contains plant concentrates that are helpful for fertility. These include, in particular, gamma oryzanol from rice germs.
Crude protein 15%, fat content 7.5%, crude fiber 21.4%, crude ash 8%.
Ca 1,58 %, P 0,79 %, Na 0,02 %.
Application Notes
Three to four weeks before the expected heat until ovulation, bitches up to 5 kg receive 2 g per day, heavier bitches per 10 kg 2.5 g Profertil. Stud dogs should receive the same dosage at least three times a week. The measuring spoon almost 1 g
Siberian ginseng, rice germ (gamma oryzanol), brewer's yeast, rose hip, active ingredients from ginkgo, vine leaves, pagoda and glutathione yeast.