Profertil (Avis)

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Increases fertility

Rice germ contains the active ingredient gamma-oryzanol, which promotes sex drive and improves fertilisation performance. Profertil is administered to both female and male birds 14 days before mating, the birds lay evenly and even older birds fertilise quite reliably with it. Profertil has also proven successful in chicken breeds with poor fertilisation and low reproduction rates. The successes have been astounding for years. We also receive repeated reports from veterinary specialists in the field of racing and racing pigeons about the pleasing positive effect of Profertil on breeding success.
crude protein 13,2%, crude fat 7,9%, crude fibre 27,2%, crude ash 4,5%
Ca 2,2%, P 3,08%, Na 0,036%, 0,64% lysine, 0,18% methionine
siberian ginseng, rice germ (gamma-oryzanol), brewer's yeast, rosehip, ginkgo, vine leaves, cordwood and glutathione yeast
Feeding Recommendation
for pigeons:
14 days before mating, give 1 teaspoon of Profertil Avis to 1 kg of basic feed for a total of 4 weeks.