Pure meat feed from our own production

Ideal for your dog: dog food with meat from the Hunsrück from species-appropriate husbandry

With the PerNaturam complete mixtures, we try to reproduce the prey in its entirety, i.e. muscle meat, internal organs, tendons and blood. We can now produce most of the recipes in our own butcher's shop using meat from the surrounding region.

We pay particular attention to species-appropriate animal husbandry. For a complete and optimal meal, please supplement our pure meat tins with the products Komplement Basis, Junior or Sensitiv, fresh vegetables or alternatively our cottage garden, 30 herb garden, bone feeding or our meat and bone meal as well as the valuable omega-3 suppliers salmon and hemp Oil. We have specially developed the CuraCanis light food series for dogs with organ diseases. Here are particularly easily digestible meat parts already in the can. Herbs and vegetables are added here to support the affected organs. To ensure that valuable ingredients are not lost during the heating process of the can, we have protected herbs that are particularly sensitive to heat in an extra bag. You get the right supplement bag for every CuraCanis can and you have a full meal that you don't have to add anything else to.