It is often hard to believe how much more vital dog seniors become and how well they can move again if they get the right food supplements. Aging is not a disease! Every dog is exposed to normal wear and tear and aging processes in the course of its life.

However, there are unfavorable factors that accelerate aging, burden metabolism and slow down natural regeneration. These include e.g. B. environmental toxins, unbalanced diet, frequent medication and lack of exercise. It is perfectly normal for older dogs to move more slowly and less. Adapt the food to the reduced energy requirements - old dogs do not have to be fat.

Make sure that your dog drinks enough, because lack of water slows down all metabolic processes, kidney stones can form, cells dry out, and the aging process is accelerated. Due to the reduced elimination, toxins are deposited in the joints, vessels and connective tissue and cause numerous complaints. If your dog only drinks moderately, give him meat broth or some quark or buttermilk in the drinker. Regular detoxification cures are important for older dogs. The circulation should be supported and, if necessary, also the musculoskeletal system. Then dogs can reach old age with a good quality of life.