Venison bone broth

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Carefully prepared according to a traditional recipe from fresh ingredients.
Rich in nutrients and delicious, this easily digestible broth is all-round strengthening and beneficial for the stomach and intestines.

Use them as a power source, natural appetite stimulant or just for pampering. For dogs and cats of all ages.
Crude protein 1,8 %, fat content 0,3 %, crude fiber 0,95 %, crude ash 0,67 %, moisture 96,1 %.
Ca 0,08 %, P 0,35 %, Na 0,19 %.
100% bone broth made from joints, marrow and meaty bones from game.

Pure game, without preservatives.
Feeding Recommendation
Administer bone broth as needed or daily. Can be kept at room temperature or given warmed.

Storage recommendation:
Optimum storage temperature up to 20° C. After opening, please store in the refrigerator.