Aerob-spray 100 ml

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Essential oils Purely herbal
. Room spray for air hygiene:
Our aromatic blend of 12 purely natural and bronchially active oils improves the air we breathe. the air we breathe and has an irritation-relieving and expectorant effect. Danger notice:
Essential oils are flammable.
Irritating to skin,
May cause sensitisation by skin contact.
Keep out of the reach of children. In case of If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. or label.
Application Notes
A few pumping strokes are applied in the vicinity and at the edge of the sleeping place or into the air in the room around the around lying, sleeping and sitting areas. sprayed.
Alcohol (50%), pure vegetable essential oil mixture from distillation. (Olea Menthae piperita, Eucalypti,
100 % essential oil blend (Olea Menthae piperita, Eukalypti, Lavendulae, Juniperi, Anisi stellati, Rosmarini, Caryophylli, Mellisae indicum, Pini silvestris, Cedri ligni, Foeniculi, Thymi).