Cottage garden red

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PerNaturam Red Farmer's Garden is a gently dried mixture of vegetables and fruits. It enrichesthe feed with minerals, trace elements and fiber. 1 kg corresponds to approx. 10 kg freshVegetables and fruits.
Crude protein 8.1%, fat content 2.3%, crude fiber 8.3%, crude ash 6.4%.
Ca 0.28%, P 0.26%, Na 0.10%
Equal parts of carrots, beetroot, celery, parsnips, rosehip peel and apple pieces.
Feeding Recommendation
Dogs up to 5 kg 1/2 measuring cup (= 5 g / day), heavier dogs every 10 kg weight an additional measuring cup (up to 40 g daily). One measuring cup is equivalent to 10 g. Let the cottage garden soak briefly in meat broth or water. For overweight dogs, the amount can be doubled. They make it easier for the dog to lose weight, and dogs with little exercise don't put on weight as quickly. The combination with PerNaturam 30 herb garden is ideal.