Kolsal® Colostrum (125ml)

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Kolsal® colostrum supports the immune system, especially during convalescence. It serves to strengthen, supports in all stress phases and accompanies breeding and rearing.
Crude protein 5.1%, fat content 0.1%, crude fiber 1%, Crude ash 0.79%, moisture 90.1%.
Ca 0,09 %, P 0,09 %, Na 0,06 %.
100% highly purified colostrum of cows from controlled husbandry. Without preservatives.
Feeding Recommendation
Give Kolsal® colostrum as needed or daily over feed or directly with a mouth syringe. Puppies and kittens get triple the amount several times a day immediately after birth as a supplement to breast milk. Overdosing is not possible.

≤ 2 kg body mass = 1.5 ml.
≤ 4 kg body mass = 3 ml.

≤ 5 kg body mass = 3 ml.
15 kg body mass = 6 ml.
≤ 40 kg body mass = 10 ml.

Storage recommendation
Shelf life after opening: 1 week. Always in the fridge store or freeze in portions.