Mauser Komplett (Avis) 500 g

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For a stress-free spring change

The renewal of the feather coat means enormous stress, the liver is put under extreme strain. Of central importance is the supply of the essential amino acid L-methionine. If not enough L-methionine is fed, poor growth and moult damage will result. We have also placed special emphasis on biotin and zinc. Biotin supports the process of horn formation, zinc is essential for a strengthened skin metabolism and has immune-modulating properties. This makes our animals less susceptible to diseases and stress. Brewer's yeast with its prebiotic effect and high content of B vitamins, seaweed with many organically bound minerals and trace elements, together with lecithin, support cell regeneration and improve feather growth. They ensure that the feathers are pushed quickly and that they develop to their full size. The phospholipids contained in lecithin are the building blocks for all cell membranes, thus bringing shine and brilliance to the feathers. Silica ensures the elasticity of the feathers, but it is also important for the tendons, ligaments and joints. Poultry supplied with silica develops beautiful and resilient feathers, the laying period is shortened in laying hens, pigeons perform better due to the larger wing area and show birds shine with brilliance, colour intensity and a vital appearance. Give your poultry the chance to fully develop their genetic potential.
Crude protein 15.2 %, crude fat 10.5 %, crude fibre 2.2 %, crude ash 26.2 %
Ca 5.04 %, P 0.46 %, Na 2.02 %, 3.28 % lysine, 0.39 % methionine
2,000 mg biotin (D(+)-biotin), 2,000 mg vit. E, 10,000 mg zinc as glycine zinc chelate hydrate, 100 mg folic acid, 5,000 mg iron, 1,000 mg copper, 6,000 mg manganese as glycine manganese chelate, 140 mg iodine, 4,000 mg L-methionine.
50 g diatomaceous earth precipitated / E551
Composition: Sunflower lecithin (GMO-free), seaweed meal, brewer's yeast, rosehip peel
Feeding Recommendation
Give 2 teaspoons of Mauser Komplett to 1 kg of basic feed every day during the entire moult or as a cure in between for 14 days.

Due to the increased content of trace elements compared to complete feeds, Mauser Komplett may only be fed to poultry up to 1 % of the daily ration. Follow our feeding recommendation.