The optimal supply of minerals and trace elements for your dog from PerNaturam

Minerals or trace elements are the crucial part in most of the body's molecules, especially in all of the enzymes, without which nothing in the body works. Calcium, phosphorus and silicon are the most important building blocks for bones.

As always, the best suppliers come from living nature, i.e. they are of organic origin: bones and algae. Minerals and trace elements that are organically bound can be better absorbed, they are distributed evenly throughout the body and do not accumulate in just a few organs. Meat and bone meal is important for dogs with joint and bone damage. Performance dogs, pregnant and lactating bitches, puppies and young dogs up to about one and a half years old, dogs before and after operations, old dogs and all those who do not get bones have an increased need. Algae lime from the Lithothamnium algae is also an excellent supplier of calcium, magnesium and numerous trace elements, which bind the algae from the sea water.

Especially important for breeders to know:

The bitch's body builds up calcium reserves in case of pregnancy. If the reservoir is not sufficiently filled, infertility can occur: the bitch does not eat or even stands up. Or the litters are small, the puppies underdeveloped. Therefore, it is essential to supply the breeding bitch with sufficient calcium from living sources long before heat. An optimal Ca supply is also the best prevention against eclampsia.