Artgerechte Ernährung für Katzen

Natürliche Grundversorgung für Katzen. Basisversorgung und Ergänzungsfutter ohne künstliche Zusatzstoffe.

Our nutritional recommendations are based on nature, the hunting behavior of our cats and what their wild relatives eat. Nature provides wild cats with everything they need to survive and reproduce.

At PerNaturam, we have set ourselves the task of offering various supplements to fresh meat or meat cans, so that prey can be reproduced in the bowl. This supply, based on nature, gives your cat everything it needs. Unlike the dog, the cat is predominantly a carnivore. Which means nothing else that she is an almost pure carnivore. While a dog likes to eat a bit of vegetables, fruit and carrion, the cat only wants meat and it's as fresh as possible. And so a medium-sized cat captures around 10 mice a day. She gets a portion of plant matter with the intestinal contents of the mouse, she despises the stomach. However, the plant fibers primarily serve as roughage. Wild mouse meat is particularly rich in taurine. If you want to cover your taurine requirement naturally, you should feed chicken hearts regularly. The protein supply is covered by meat, the cat also needs saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and organically bound minerals that can be easily absorbed by the body. Secondary plant substances bring vital substances and enzymes that the cats would absorb through the intestinal contents of their prey. And then there is something else that we understand to be part of the basic care of every cat: loving attention.