Spirella microalgae mix (200 g)

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Mix of spirulina and chlorella microalgae.
Algae rich in chlorophyll and high in iron, magnesium and amino acids. Rich in vitamins of the B complex, beta-carotene and vitamin C. Spirella microalgae mix helps with regeneration, elimination, promotes blood formation and has a positive effect on pigmentation. The high chlorophyll content reduces the vapors from bitches in heat and binds odors from the mouth or fur.
Crude protein 66.2%, fat content 7.2%, crude fiber 3.1%, crude ash 6.7%.
Ca 0,13 %, P 1,1 %, Na 0,68 %
Application Notes
Dogs up to 5 kg 1 - 2 g / day. Give an additional 5 g for every additional 10 kg of weight. The measuring cup holds 2 g. For detoxification (preferably combined with hepatics) the dose of Spirella should be doubled for 10-14 days.
Spirulina and Chlorella