WermExil (Avis) (250 g)

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For a robust intestinal environment
Bitter, pungent and aromatic herbs are part of the daily diet of free-ranging poultry. Bitter and pungent herbs are eaten more frequently, especially in the case of intestinal malabsorption. The wormwood-accentuated recipe of WermExil Avis follows natural models and strengthens the robust intestinal flora. Especially in cases of acute dysbiosis, i.e. when the intestinal flora is out of balance, the supplement with WermExil Avis and AviGaron ensures rapid stabilisation. This prevents overgrowth of the intestinal mucous membranes and prevents diarrhoea or a drop in performance. The essential oils from the Mediterranean herbs help to restore the microbial balance of the intestinal flora in a natural way.
Analytical constituents: Crude protein 8,3 %, fat content 21,4 %, crude fibre 25,2 %, crude ash 4,5 %, Ca 0,49 %, P 0,2 %, Na 0 %, 0,49 % lysine, 0,2 % methionine.
Ca 0,49 %, P 0,2 %, Na 0 % 0,49 % Lysin, 0,2 % Methionin.
Guar gum
Composition: Wild wormwood (30%), rosehip seeds, coconut flakes, radiceless camomile, horseradish, origanum, thyme, sage.
Feeding Recommendation
Add 1 tablespoon of WermExil Avis to 1 kg of moistened basic feed for 1 week.