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Against flies, black flies, ticks and grass mites

. Herbal ingredients are highly effective in keeping insects and arachnids away.
Convinces horses & riders with its deodorising effect. The nuisance caused by flies, horse flies, black flies, grass mites and other pests is reduced. Contains essential oils and wood extracts.
Plant-based, Free from silicone, paraffin and PEG, Without animal testing.
5.1 g/kg geraniol - Baua Reg. No.: N-110903
Use biocidal products with care.
Always read product information and instructions for use before use. Keep the use of biocidal products to a minimum!
Application Notes
For application as a spray or with a sponge. Carefully carefully on the head. Do not bring product into contact with eyes.
Note on safe use:
. Keep away from children! Do not ingest! Cover food when using. Do not get in the eyes or on open skin. skin. If medical advice is needed, Have the packaging or label ready. Contains geraniol. May cause allergic reaction. allergic reactions. Shake well before use!