EnteroKlin 100 g

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EnteroKlin micro-activated zeolite (clinoptilolite) has an extraordinary absorption capacity and selectivity due to its micro-fine porosity. Toxins, heavy metals and other harmful substances are bound in the intestines and then transported out of the body. Nutrients, vitamins and trace elements are not absorbed. The natural minerals and trace elements in combination with the microalga spirulina support the beneficial flora in the intestinal tract and care for the intestinal mucosa.
Crude protein 0.5%, crude oil/fats 0.1%, crude fibre 1.9%, crude ash 95%
calcium 3,8%, phosphorous 0,01%, sodium 0.34% , magnesium 0,21%
Technological additives per kg 900g activated natural zeolite of sedimentary origin.
Dolomite, spirulina, zeolite (with a high proportion of clinoptilolite)
Feeding Recommendation
PerNaturam EnteroKlin should be given moistened over the feed. Depending on the size of the cat, 0.5 - 1 measuring spoon. Give over the food 1 - 2 times a day. The measuring spoon holds 1.5 g. Due to the higher content of zeolite / clinoptilolite, PerNaturam EnteroKlin cats can only be fed up to 1.6% of the daily ration. For a cat weighing 5 kg: max. 7.5 g EnteroKlin per animal and day.