EquiGaron 500 g

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Binds excess fluid, bacteria and toxins in the intestine
The peels of various fruits contain so-called galacturonic acids, which make up EquiGaron. The molecules of these galacturonic acids provide docking sites for bacteria at their ends, which is where the bacteria attach themselves, thus preventing them from adhering to the mucous membrane. In addition, the galacturonic acids connect to form dense networks in which water and toxins are bound and then excreted.
EquiGaron is a wonderful natural remedy to relieve bowel strain, especially in the case of faecal water, flatulence, and signs of colic.
Crude protein 1.1%, crude fats 0.7%, crude fibre 1%, crude ash 2.7%.
Calcium 0.36%, phosphorous 0.03%, sodium 0.4%.
Application Notes
Depending on the size of the horse, add three to five measuring spoon of EquiGaron to the feed for several days in a row. The maximum daily dose is 8 measuring spoon.
Pectins (galacturonic acids) from apple peel