Immune System

The body is not defenseless, it can defend itself!

Dealing with germs is the prerequisite for a strong immune system. Because health is much more than the absence of diseases and the mere presence of pathogens does not cause a disease. Germs only have a chance if the immune system fails. No medication can help in the long term if the body's own immune system does not take over again. Germs and pathogens can enter the body via the mucous membranes of the intestines and respiratory tract. Therefore, the top priority is to protect mucous membranes and support the immune system! An essential goal of a balanced diet is therefore to support the intestinal flora and to stimulate and modulate the immune system. Herbs and herbal mixtures with many active plant substances and antioxidants make an important contribution to this.

They protect the cells from free radicals, activate the mucous membranes as protective barriers and help the organism to strengthen the body's immune response.

Bitter substances from herbs do not only work in the intestines. They also stimulate the spleen, which, together with the lymphatic system, regulates the body's specific immune defences. Certain herbs help the body to adapt to stress, i.e. to cope better with stressful situations. Many of these adaptogenic plants are included in the mixtures described here or are offered as individual herbs.