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Plant antioxidants neutralize free radicals
Free radicals are involved in all inflammatory processes. Antioxidants protect cells, reduce stress and strengthen the immune system.
Crude protein 15.9%, crude fats 12%, crude fibre 11.2%, crude ash 12.4%.
Calcium 0.9%, phosphorous 0.54%, sodium 0.74%.
Application Notes
Depending on the size of the horse or the problem, mix OxyProtekt into the feed every day.
= 400 kg body mass = 10 g 500-600 kg body mass = 25 g = 700 kg body mass = 40 g 1 measuring spoon = 10 g
Ingredients from grape seeds, rose hips and apple, sunflower lecithin (GMO-free), spirulina, neem tree, bishop's cumin, brewer's yeast, digested seaweed, MSM (organically bound sulphur), paradise nut flour, Japanese cord tree. With the natural ingredients choline, biotin, betaine, OPC, selenium, vitamin K, vitamins of the B complex and folic acid.