LipoMarin 250 g

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LipoMarin is an attractive and easily digestible fat food for dogs made from hardened fine fish fat.
Dogs are adapted to digesting animal fats, they need fats for cell structure, metabolism, for skin and coat and as a source of energy . The fatty acids contained in LipoMarin are important for the skin's metabolism and for building up energy reserves.
LipoMarin does not contain any trans fatty acids because it consists exclusively of saturated fatty acids.
LipoMarin is indispensable for pregnant bitches, during lactation, for puppies and young dogs, dogs sensitive to cold and high-performance dogs. Poorly feeding dogs get more substance and better form with LipoMarin.
Fat content 99.9%
100% hardened fish fat
Feeding Recommendation
Depending on the size and energy needs of the dog, 5 g to 40 g per day.

The small measuring spoon holds 1.8 g. the big one 11 g.