Ribwort plantain (1 kg)

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Clear respiratory system
Ribwort plantain is traditionally used in the treatment of bronchitis. It loosens the mucous in the bronchi, has an antibacterial effect and strengthens the immune system. When used as a cold infusion or as a dry feed of herbs, ribwort plantain has a proven, slightly antibiotic effect. Infused with warm water (not boiling), it helps with bronchial mucous. Important supplements to help with deep-seated mucous are EquiLichmet, Aerob oil and Aerob spray.
Crude fibre 12.6%.
Calcium 1.32%, phosphorous 0.24%, sodium 0.09%.
Application Notes
30 to 50 g as herb or tea, as described above, also as a supplement to Bronchosan.
100% ribwort plantain leaves, cut.