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Name change:
SilkyCoat was previously called Velvet & Silk for cats and Velvet-Oil for horses. The composition is unchanged.

Coat and skin care from the inside
SilkyCoat is rich in natural tocopherols (Vit. E). It contains oils with a very high proportion of linoleic and linolenic acid and oleic acid, palmitic acid and other essential unsaturated fatty acids. The cold-pressed oils, whose fatty acid profile is precisely tailored to the needs of skin and hair, support animals in particular in their coat and skin metabolism.
Fat content 99%.
Cold-pressed oil blend of sunflower, rapeseed, hemp, linseed and argan oil.
Feeding Recommendation
Depending on the size of the animal, give SilkyCoat directly over the food every day.

≤ 2 kg body weight = 10 drops.
≥ 4 kg body weight = 20 drops

≤ 5 kg body weight = 1.5 ml
= 15 kg body weight = 3 ml
≥ 30 kg body weight = 6 - 9 ml

± 500-600 kg body weight = 10 - 30 ml Use within 2 months!