Stomach, Intestines and Digestion

Nutrient absorption takes place via the intestinal mucosa. Here is the actual transition from outside to inside. The food pulp in the intestine is broken down by the intestinal bacteria, digestive secretions and enzymes and the nutrients pass through the intestinal mucosa into the blood and lymphatic system.

Only now are they available to the organism. The intestinal flora is a complex and dynamic ecosystem that can be massively disrupted by an unbalanced diet, deworming or antibiotics, among other things. An intact intestinal flora is just as worthy of protection as a biotope as a colorful mountain flower meadow; but their biodiversity is much higher. More than 100 trillion bacteria defend their place on the intestinal mucosa against unwanted germs. 70% of immune activity takes place in the gut. Any disturbance of the intestinal flora is also a disturbance of the immune system. That's why we don't just feed the cat with our additives and herbal supplements, we also feed the intestinal flora so that it can develop broadly and make its contribution to the immune system. You should be aware of this when administering medication and weigh it up accordingly. Use the natural ways, support your cat's self-healing powers and let us advise you.