VelvetCoat 900 g

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Herb granules for a healthy coat and strong hooves
Damage to the skin, coat and hooves almost always indicates poor nutrition, resulting in either hair or hooves, sometimes both, being poorly supplied with the necessary nutrients. VelvetCoat delivers these missing substances.
Micronised herbs and algae, which are granulated with a cold process, form the basis. The high availability of nutrients ensures an unusually fast effect. SilkyCoat® is best combined with Kruidengranulaat.
Crude protein 10.7%, crude fats 1.8%, crude fibre 1%, crude ash 46.9%.
Calcium 12.8%, phosphorous 4.4%, sodium 1.61%.
2,000 mg biotin (D(+)-biotin), 4,000 mg methionine, 480 mg vitamin E, 2,500,000 IE vitamin A, 200,000 IE vitamin D3, zinc chelate of glycine hydrate 1,500 mg.
Application Notes
During the coat change 40 g (1 measuring cup = 10 g) daily, for at least 4, better 6 weeks. For hoof horn formation in the case of hoof damage for several months, 30 g daily until the hoof horn has completely grown out.
Micronised herbs (pansy, horsetail, fumitory, milk thistle, goldenrod, hawthorn, nettle), micronised algae (Ascophyllum, spirulina), brewer's yeast, wheat germ.