EquiBasal 1 kg

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EquiBasal is a basic supplement; together with herbs and a maximized natural mineral feed that guarantees optimal care of your horse. EquiBasal not only ensures stable intestinal microbiome and an active metabolism, but also perfect skin and a shiny coat. EquiBasal is rich in natural antioxidants, helping the body to cope better with inflammation. It is especially important for regeneration. In case of increased stress, inflammation, especially in joints, laminitis, eczema and mallenders, it is best to give OxyProtekt from PerNaturam instead.
Crude protein 12.9%, crude fats 12%, crude fibre 16.9%, crude ash 13.8%.
Calcium 0.72%, phosphorous 0.55%, sodium 0.72%.

Technological additives per kg:
60,000 mg silica, precipitated (E551 a)

Nutritional additives per kg:
1,000 mg L-carnitine.
Application Notes
Regularly, preferably daily, 50 to 100 g, depending on the size or stress and effort of the horse.
The measuring cup holds 100 g.
Apple granules, rosehip, brewer's yeast, lecithin (GMO-free), seaweed, spirulina, stinging nettle, grapeseed flour, anise, caraway, fennel.