Garon forte

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Stable intestinal flora and solid faecesGaron forte® consists of short-chain pectins that bind toxins, unwanted germs and excess fluid in the intestine and thus quickly counteract diarrhea. Garon forte® helps with digestive problems and stabilizes the intestinal flora.
Crude protein 1.1%, fat content 0.7%, crude fiber 1%, crude ash 2.7%, moisture 11.2%.
Ca 0,36 %, P 0,03 %, Na 0,4 %.
Application Notes
If necessary, it is best to add Garon forte® to the feed for several days in a row.Dogs up to 5 kg receive 1 - 2 g daily.
Heavier dogs receive double to triple the amount if necessary. Overdosing is not possible. The measuring cup holds 2 g.
100% short-chain galacturonic acids from apple pectin.