Grüne Neune (Avis)

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Herbal power to increase the body's defences

Chickens love everything green, so much so that they quickly and usually completely plunder their overgrown aviaries. Green plants and spirulina are particularly rich in chlorophyll. They also provide bitter substances, other secondary plant substances and bind free radicals due to their antioxidant content. Feeding the Grüne Neune meets our poultry's instinctive need for plant greens, stimulates the body's own defences, reduces stress and counteracts cell damage. The vitality and green power (viriditas) of the plants provide the poultry with vital energy and performance. This makes egg laying much more fun, which you will notice in the laying performance.
crude protein 17,4 %, fat content 2,4 %, crude fibre 19 %, crude ash 11,1 %
Ca 1,97 %, P 0,32 %, Na 0,07 %, 0,73 % lysine, 0,23 % methionine
basil, chervil, nettle herb, buckwheat herb, ribwort, yarrow, hawthorn leaves, red clover flowers, parsley, spirulina
Feeding Recommendation
Mix 1 tablespoon with 500 g moistened basic feed.