Mineral feed for horses: important for maintaining health

The organism of a horse is adjusted to covering its supply of minerals and trace elements with plants. They are available to the organism as organic compounds.

The intestinal bacteria, which are able to digest the plants, ensure their availability. Horses only exceptionally eat inorganic minerals in nature, e.g. B. as earth or salt. Inorganic compounds are poorly absorbed, they accumulate in the organs and put a strain on the metabolism. The supply of all vital minerals is ensured by a large variety of different types of plants, by roots, bark, fruits and leaves, all of which are rich in these substances. This results in a balanced supply.

The products of PerNaturam are put together according to these specifications of nature, in particular the mineral-rich Orgamin®. Orgamin® was analyzed for the most important minerals and trace elements at LUFA North Rhine-Westphalia, Münster. If you compare the analytical values, synthetically composed feeds are far superior to biological ones, but the numbers say nothing about availability, i.e. absorption in the intestine, and about usability, i.e. utilization in the organism. Plants store minerals and trace elements, especially in their roots and bark, while herbs are rich in trace elements. Horses that are given herbs and species-rich herbal hay eat little mineral feed or hardly go to the salt lick.